Eating every 2 - 3 hours

won't speed up your metabolism

"Eating every 2-3 hours will speed up your metabolism"

Something that sounds so simple - could not be further from the truth.

🙈This is one pseudoscientific “fact” that used to dictate my life. I used to eat every 2-3 hours simply because I thought it was speeding up my metabolism.

✖️I thought if I waited between meals to a point of hunger that my metabolism would slow down. I thought that the FEELING of hunger meant that I was going to go into “starvation mode”

So I want to be the person that I needed when I thought this. To tell you that this is BS. This is not a fact. This will not happen and this is not a thing.

This will NOT speed up your metabolism.

Metabolism is often simplified and yet it is a pretty complex topic that is specific to each and every one of you.



If you google an article or find some “top tips to increase your metabolism” it may appear simple and imply you have full control over speeding up or slowing down your metabolism.

But your metabolism is complex.  SO COMPLEX. And we do not have full control over speeding it up or slowing it down.

Like anything in nutrition and health, there is nuance. And it is not as black and white as “eat more regularly and your metabolism will increase”.

There are also many things that can influence your metabolism, many of which we do not have any control over – Some of these include our age and gender, muscle mass, injury, exercise and activity level, sickness, disease state, and metabolic disorders.


Your metabolism is more than just something that speeds up or slows down.. and frankly, I pose the question, is it really something you should be focussing on in your day to day life? How will focussing on “manipulating” your metabolism help to improve your health?

My advice to you would be to find OTHER health related goals to focus on.  Maybe that’s beginning or continuing your journey in healing your relationship with food, maybe it’s going to bed earlier to get more sleep, maybe it’s aiming to add an extra serve of veggies to your lunch and dinner, or drinking more water throughout the day?

These goals will be personal to YOU. But whatever they may be, THESE goals are practical and achievable and WILL contribute to improving your health. In a way that focusing on “speeding up your metabolism” will not.

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written for you by

Melissa Eaton

A university qualified Dietitian, Nutritionist (BSc ANutr.), teacher and research assistant from Sydney, Australia.

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