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NUTRITION without a side of weight stigma, diet culture, and nutrition BS

But ok I get it, I'm your stereotypical dietitan, who is laughing with veggies - Please read my disclaimer below.

Disclaimer! Look, I’m going to be upfront. My website needs some serious updating. There is absolutely zero diversity and it doesn’t truly represent what I’m about right now. But.. in 2021 I started a PhD, and in 2022 I had a baby. LIFE HAS BEEN BUSY. So please be kind. I WILL be back.

In the meantime, I have some blogs and a free resource that you may love.

I would love to hear from you if you’re interested in me speaking at your workplace, or if you'd like to work together in the future.

I SO appreciate you being here.

Melissa xx



...an end to strict food rules and restrictions and confusing diet advice.

Because YOU are unique, YOU are individual and one size does NOT fit all.

It’s time to stop “starting again on Monday” and start focusing on healing your relationship with food. If you’re over dieting and done with all the confusing mixed messages surrounding food and nutrition, I’m here to help. My health-first approach is here to make your life easier.


hey you!

I'm Melissa Eaton.

A non-diet, weight-inclusive Dietitian & Nutritionist (APD, RNutr.), PhD student, and former teacher and dancer from Sydney, Australia.

I love dogs, traveling, sweet potato and chocolate. I’ve spent way too many years chasing the next best diet, obsessing over food and just being super confused about how to “be good”.

In the past, I spent countless hours looking for the answers…

Are carbs really bad for me?
Is there too much sugar in fruit?
Should I eat high protein?
Do I need to detox or fast?

It’s honestly exhausting.

But my days of late night googling and questioning every food choice are over – and now I want to help you find the same food freedom.

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Remember, healthy eating is not about demonising foods and food groups. It’s about having a happy, trusting and respectful relationship with food.

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