Hands up

if you've ever asked Google

Are carbs really bad for me?

Is there too much sugar in fruit?

Should I eat high protein?

Do I need to detox or fast?

What is the best diet?

I know, it can be SUPER confusing - and that's why I’d love to work with you.


Let me help you end the confusion 

Instagram is telling you one thing, the TV is telling you another and Sharon at work is eating keto, feeling amazing and says you should too!

But should you?

I'd love to help you and answer some of these questions.


Let's start at the


Strict diets, ‘detoxes’, ‘cleanses’, ‘resets’ and 6 week nutrition challenges failed you.

You did not fail them.

I ask you this – Could you sustain these diets for the rest of your life? 

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What I can promise you as a non-diet, weight-inclusive Dietitian

Absolutely ZERO:

  • Weight bias or stigma
  • Rules and Restrictions
  • Diets or Fads
  • Guilt
  • Food shame
  • Meal plans
  • One size fits all approaches

I keep updated on the latest research and evidence and am always continuing to learn.

I do all these things so you don’t have to.

I’m here to help you.


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