My Qualifications

Current PhD
Exploring nutrition & mental health, with a focus on weight-neutral interventions

Master of Nutrition and Dietetics
Graduated with Distinction

Bachelor of Science (Nutrition & Food Science)
Graduated with Distinction

Associate Nutritionist (ANutr.) with the Nutrition Society of Australia

Bachelor of Arts (DANCE) Bachelor of Education (Dance and Theatre & Performance Studies)

A bit about me


I’m a qualified Dietitian (MNutrDiet), Associate Nutritionist (BSc ANutr.), and former Secondary School Teacher and Dancer.

I’m a non-diet Dietitian & Nutritionist, which means I practice through a weight-neutral lens (because you and your health are more than a number on the scale) and I value the importance of having a healthy relationship with food.

I am also an advocate for mental health. 

In my career as a dancer in the entertainment industry, I was exposed to and surrounded by disordered eating and FAD diets. 

One memory, in particular, has stuck with me and became the foundation for developing a negative relationship with food. Let me tell you about it.

At one cheerleading rehearsal – I was called into an office, 1 on 1, and told I needed to lose weight.  Just like that. This comment was followed by some BS “nutrition advice” that stuck with me for a long time.

These experiences shape us and if you can relate, please know YOU were never the problem.

A “healthy diet” is one where food is not a source of stress. Where there are zero rules, guilt or shame and where you simply feel “normal” around food. 

If you follow me in Instagram you probably already know how I feel about pseudoscientific nutrition messages that circulate online. 

This bothered me SO much I decided to make it the focus of my Masters Research project – I can’t wait to share my results! (keep an eye out).

Speaking of research, I not only work as a Nutritionist, but also in the world of Academia as a Research Officer and have even published some scientific papers.


Check out one of them here – that was written for the Journal Frontiers for Young Minds, a journal for kids! but you may also enjoy the read about Nutrition & Mental health.

So where can you find me now?

You’ll find me on Instagram and Facebook fighting nutrition BS, on twitter sharing research papers that have resonated with me, and in the future - in academia, writing about behaviour change, nutrition and mental health. 

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