My food philosophy


Health is more than just Nutrition. And Nutrition is more than just food.

Nutrition is also not about demonising foods and food groups. It’s about having a happy, trusting and respectful relationship with food.

Stop approaching “healthy eating” with a black and white mindset.

So often “eating healthy” is associated with going on a diet and the idea of “I need to be good”, “starting tomorrow”, “starting Monday” or “it’s ok, I’ll be good tomorrow.”

This way of thinking makes “healthy eating” sound like a chore and requires you to restrict, remove and condemn particular foods.


But “healthy eating” should be about taking CARE of and RESPECTING your body AND mind. It should incorporate a whole RANGE of food - all food - food that YOU LOVE to eat, that makes you FEEL good, that gives you energy, helps you concentrate, boosts your mood, manages your disease, and importantly FEEDS YOUR SOUL, and satisfies your taste buds.

It should free you from feeling guilty or deprived.

NUTRITION and "healthy eating" is not about excluding some foods and allowing others.

It’s also not JUST eating broccoli and chicken or JUST eating chocolate and cake. Because let’s face it, you do either of those things and you’re not going to feel your best.

The black and white way of thinking and approaching nutrition is not healthy, and although it takes time, it IS possible to reach a point where you’re free from these rules and constraints.

Why Eaton Balanced?

In more scientific terms, Balance = Equilibrium (where opposing forces are balanced) and homeostasis (a stable equilibrium).

Balance is state our body is constantly trying to achieve.  It’s why we sweat, why we get thirsty, why we shiver and why we eat.  It’s the why for everything our body does.


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