Fearful of dessert on a weekday? Read this.


You’re allowed to have dessert on a weekday.

No matter where you’re at right now with your relationship with food, do you still feel dessert is only meant for the weekend? Why though?
Do you think your body knows if it’s a Wednesday or a Saturday? Do you think it’s going to react or work differently because you had dessert on a Thursday and not a Sunday?
I get that this idea stems from the fact that dessert may be viewed as a “bad food”. With guilt attached and shame if we have “too much”. 

But I want to challenge this belief - because living by these ‘food rules’ means you miss the ability to be curious and explore WHY and WHAT your body really wants or needs at that time.

For example maybe you really don’t feel like dessert on Saturday night but you eat it anyway because it’s the one night you’re ‘allowed’ to have it?
Maybe you restrain from dessert all week and then binge or overeat it on the weekend?
Maybe you have a mental battle and then instead of enjoying your book or tv series you are focussing on trying not to eat dessert.
Maybe you finally “give in” and then eat passed comfortable fullness and then have a horrible night’s sleep.
Food rules can consume us. They prevent us from being curious and getting to know what is truly best for us, our OWN body and our OWN health. Food rules have a sneaky way of creeping back into our minds even when we think we’ve let go.


You’re allowed to have dessert on a Wednesday - and maybe in giving yourself permission you’ll realise you didn’t feel like it anyway? Or maybe you did? Maybe some weeks you feel like it and others you don’t?
Food rules prevent you from being able to explore this. I challenge you to question these thoughts, be curious and reframe these sneaky buggers as “thoughts” and NOT “facts”.

I hope you found this article helpful - You may also enjoy my blog about food freedom, and your stomach expanding (bloating) after eating.

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written for you by

Melissa Eaton

A university qualified Dietitian, Nutritionist (MNutDiet, BSc ANutr.), PhD student, and former teacher from Sydney, Australia.

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